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Tuition Policies

The SDSD school year consists of 32 classes.  For your convenience, your overall yearly tuition cost is divided into a 9-month payment plan of equal monthly installments.   Tuition is due on (or before) the 1st of every month regardless of holidays, vacations, absences, studio closures and/or illness.  Specific tuition payment schedule is included below.  There is no grace period.

Any accounts with an active balance after the 1st will incur a 10% late fee. Tuition not paid by the 6th of each month (or 6 days past the due date) will be charged to your card/account on file, including late fees.  No Exceptions. 


We accept payment in the form of cash, check (made out to SDSD), or card (via Parent Portal). At this time, we are no longer accepting PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo for tuition. Statements are only emailed if your account is delinquent. 


 Tuition payments are non-refundable and not transferable.  $35 Returned Check Fee.  

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Monthly Tuition Rates

30 Minute Class:        $50

  • Mommy & Me

45 Minute Class:         $55

  • Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Ballet 2, Pre-Tap, Pre-Tap 2, Pointe Prep, Beginning Pointe

60 Minute Class:        $60

  • Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Tap 1 - Tap 5, Jazz 1 - Jazz 5, Modern 1, Modern 2, Improv/Choreography

  • Adult Beginning Ballet, Adult Beginning Tap, Adult Advanced Tap, Senior Tap

75 Minute Class:         $65
  • Ballet 3 & 4, Ballet 5 (Wednesday), PPP, Modern 3, Modern 4

90 Minute Class:        $67.50*
  • Ballet 5 (Tuesday), Ballet 6, Ballet 7, Ballet 8, Advanced Ballet

  • Adult Advanced Ballet

*Price shown reflects 5 class - 10% discount. Single class $75

Tuition Payment Schedule

Payment #1: Due with Registration

Payment #2: Due on or before October 1st

Payment #3: Due on or before November 1st
  • This payment includes Recital and Costume Fees
Payment #4: Due on or before December 1st
Payment #5: Due on or before January 4th
Payment #6: Due on or before February 1st
Payment #7: Due on or before March 1st
Payment #8: Due on or before April 1st
Payment #9: Due on or before May 1st
Tuition Discounts
  • Tuition Discounts cannot be combined.

  • The greater discount will be used on each family account.

  • Two (2) late payments within one (1) school year will result in the loss of family discounts for the remainder of the school year. No Exceptions.

Family Multi-Class Discount

​The following discounts are offered to families with children enrolled in multiple classes.


4 classes per week = 5% discount

5 classes per week = 10% discount

6 classes per week = 15% discount

7+ classes per week = 20% discount

Payment In Full Discount

Receive 5% off payment of full-year when paid at time of registration.

  • Recital & Recital Costume Fees must be included at time of payment.

  • Recital, Costume, and registration fees are not discounted.

Each time a new student registers & writes your name on his/her registration form as the referral, you will receive a $5 credit. (no limit)

  • Only one referral reward will be given for each new student/family

Referral Rewards

Refunds/Early Withdrawal Policy 

No refunds will be given for pre-paid tuition.  In the unlikely event that a student needs to withdraw early, the student will need to drop the class via the Parent Portal. This must be completed to close the account and thus, prevent further billing.  If you do not drop the class via Parent Portal your account will continue to be charged each month (including late fees). A student’s absenteeism does not affect tuition payments.  Accounts will only be closed when officially dropped via the Parent Portal and will go into effect from the date received.

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