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Pre-Professional Program

Congratulations! If your dancers placement form indicates "Yes" for PPP, your child has been hand selected for the Pre-Professional Program at South Dayton School of Dance. Your child has demonstrated his or her talent, technique, dedication, perseverance and good work ethic throughout this school year and our faculty feels he or she could have a real future in dance.


What is the Pre-Professional Program?

The Pre-Professional Program (PPP) is an elite, invitation only program that focuses on ballet 
training with the goals of perfecting technique, building physical strength and developing 
artistry. This program is very demanding and rigorous. The PPP program is designed with the most 
serious students with the most potential in mind. The object is three-fold:

  1. To give the dancer an opportunity to slow down in order to concentrate and perfect each and every movement.

  2. To challenge the dancer by giving them the opportunity to work above themselves and to compete with and be inspired by dancers that are more advanced than themselves.

  3. To give them more class time and attention to enhance their basic skills and technique.


While in the program, we expect the PPP dancers to be model students in every possible way. We expect your child to:

  1. Be dropped off 10 minutes prior to their class and to be picked up on time

  2. Follow the dress code to the letter without being prompted including having no runs in their  tights and having their hair slicked back in a bun with bobby pins and a hair net

  3. Class tuition to be paid on time

  4. All forms to be filled out and submitted before deadlines

  5. Be kind, polite and courteous to others

  6. Have excellent attendance rates

In return for this pledge, your dancer will receive excellent and thorough ballet training from the 
SDSD faculty. There will be a progress report sent home both in December and at the end of the year 
with an option to meet privately with Miss Erin and/or other faculty personally.
They will be re-accessed each year. The dancers that have further demonstrated the above traits 
will be invited to continue in this elite training program and you will have the option again to 
accept or decline this invitation.

Thank you and we look forward to working with your talented, young dancer!

Pre-Professional Program – Class Requirements

Class Level
Class Requirements
Total Classes
Ballet 1
2 - Ballet 1 Classes
2 Classes
Ballet 2
2 - Ballet 2 Classes / PPP class
3 Classes
Ballet 3
2 - Ballet 3 Classes / PPP Class
3 Classes
Ballet 4 & 5
2 - Ballet 4 or 5 Classes / Pointe Prep Class / PPP Class
4 Classes
Ballet 6
2 - Ballet 6 Classes / Beginning Pointe Class / PPP Class / Modern Class
5 Classes
Ballet 7
3 - Ballet 7 Classes per week /Intermediate Pointe Class/ PPP Class/Modern Class
6 Classes
Ballet 8
4 - Ballet 8 Classes/PPP Class/Modern Class
7 Classes
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