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Other Policies

Minimum Enrollment Policy

All dance classes offered by SDSD require a minimum enrollment of five students in order to be conducted. This policy is implemented to ensure an optimal learning environment and facilitate effective class dynamics. The minimum enrollment requirement will be enforced across all dance classes offered by SDSD.


Policy Details:


  1. Minimum Enrollment Requirement:

    1. All dance classes offered by SDSD must have a minimum of five students enrolled in order for the class to be conducted.

    2. The minimum enrollment requirement applies to all dance styles, levels, and age groups unless an exception is granted by the owner.

  2. Communication and Notification:

    1. If a dance class fails to meet the minimum enrollment requirement, affected students will be promptly notified of the cancellation.

    2. Notifications will be sent via email to the email address provided during registration.

  3. Alternatives:

    1. In the event of a canceled dance class due to not meeting the minimum enrollment requirement, affected students will be offered alternatives.

    2. Options may include transferring to another equivalent level dance class or applying the payment as credit toward future dance classes, as per the discretion of SDSD.

  4. Exceptional Circumstances:

    1. In exceptional cases where a dance class is not able to meet the minimum enrollment requirement, SDSD may evaluate the feasibility of conducting the class with a lower enrollment on a case-by-case basis.

    2. Exceptions may be made for specialized or advanced level classes or for situations where extenuating circumstances exist.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather or poor road conditions, classes may be cancelled for the safety of our students and faculty. When Centerville City Schools are closed due to the weather, SDSD will also be closed. Please check your email for a notification of closure and also our social media accounts will be updated. A text may also be sent to your primary contact phone number. Students may schedule a make-up class for classes cancelled due to weather, which must be used within one month of the missed class date. SDSD does not credit, refund, or pro-rate tuition for classes cancelled due to poor


Students new to SDSD, with previous training, are required to participate in a short, 10 minute placement class prior to registration to ensure the best and most appropriate placement. Please email or call to schedule an appointment for a placement class.

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