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Dress Code

The South Dayton School of dance has a mandatory dress and hair code for all students that is strictly enforced. Uniforms create a structured, disciplined class environment, and have a positive effect on a student’s attitude in class.  Teachers need to see a student’s body in order to help with proper body alignment. Most professional & pre-professional organizations do require uniforms.  Uniforms reflect quality training & atmosphere and help to instill school pride.

All required items are made by Eurotard Dancewear may be purchased online via the QR codes or links below or locally at Got Dance?  We highly encourage you to call this store before going as they change their hours often and sometimes without notice (937) 438-1111. 

Age appropriate styles have been selected for best comfort and longest wear.  Quality dancewear and shoes make a substantial difference in a dancer’s performance. 

Hair Codes

All Female Dancers

High Ballet Bun secured with a hair tie, at least 4 bobby/hair pins, and a hairnet. 

High Bun

Video Tutorial

Follow along with SDSD Dance Dad, Doug McDermitt, as he walks you through how to create a high bun that is secure and ready for class! 

Remember that you'll need a brush or comb, bobby or hair pins, hair ties, and a hairnet. Other supplies may include water and spray bottle or hairspray. 

All Male Dancers

Hair should be kept out of the face at all times. 

Ballet Classes Dress Code

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Ballet 2

Ballet 1 & Ballet 2