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Each year SDSD hosts a year end recital as the culmination of our 32 week school year. Each class (excluding adult classes) at SDSD will begin working on their recital dance mid January and will spend the last 15 minutes of each class learning the choreography and developing performance qualities. We believe that learning how to be a performer is an integral part of dance education and we are happy to provide this performance opportunity to our students!

Participation in our Recital is optional although very highly encouraged. We do ask that you let us know about your dancer's participation by December 1st. 

Please see additional information regarding Recital and Costume Fees as well as details about our 2023 Recital below! 


Recital 2023 will take place on June 3rd, 2023 with a mandatory Dress Rehearsal on June 2nd. Our performance will be held at Bellbrook High School. 

More information regarding our Recital 2023 including our Recital app will be available in February 2023.

Recital & Costume

Recital Fees are Due on or before November 1st with your November Tuition Payment. 

Recital Fees

The Recital fee is a flat $40 fee per student. These fees go to venue rental, lighting designer, administrative costs, etc.

Costume Fees

Mommy & Me, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Ballet 2, Pre-Tap, Pre-Tap 2:

  • Students in these classes purchase their costumes and are able to keep them after our performance. The Costume Fees for this class are $55 per costume.


Level 1 classes and above: 

  • Dancers in these classes will rent their costumes from our Costume Closet. The cost to rent our costumes are $10 per class

  • Costumes rented from SDSD must be returned directly following our Recital performances. Our Costume Return table will be located in the lobby of the theater.

  • PPP, Advanced Ballet, Saturday Ballet 5/6, 7, &  8, Pointe Prep, Beginning Pointe, and all Adult Classes do not have a recital dance.

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