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Student & Parent Behavior Policies


  • Email is our primary means of communication with parents.

  • Our official email address is

  • Please check your email often for new information and updates from SDSD.

    • If you are not receiving our emails, please check your spam or junk folder first, and then email us if the issue persists.

  • Additionally, we send a monthly newsletter with an abbreviated schedule, reminders, and information about upcoming events, and more!

  • Texts will only be sent for very important reminders or in emergency situations.

Attendance & Promptness

  • Attendance will be monitored closely.

  • Absenteeism will slow down your child’s progress as well as the progress of the entire class.

  • We are committed to developing your child’s talents to their fullest potential; therefore, attendance is expected at each scheduled class.

    • Part of a student’s attendance includes being on time.
      Dance students are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class.

    • If a student arrives more than 10 minutes after the start of the class, the
      instructor will have her/him sit, observe, and not participate for their
      own safety as they will have missed the warmup.

  • Recital participation
    requires consistent attendance.

Absence Policy/
Make-up Classes

  • If your dancer will be absent from a class, we ask that you enter this absence into our Parent
    Portal so that our instructors can plan accordingly.

  • Make-up classes are available only if the dancer is ill or if there is a family emergency.

    • Make-up classes are not permitted for absences resulting from participation in other activities.

  • If you will miss a class due to illness or emergency, you must schedule your makeup class on the Parent Portal.

  • All missed classes must be made-up within 1 month of the class missed.

How to enter Scheduled Absences and Make Up Class Options


  • South Dayton School of Dance strives to protect and foster the interests of all dancers and their families at all times.

  • SDSD dancers and their parents/guardians are expected to behave in a socially acceptable fashion and in furtherance of the wellbeing of all dancers, faculty, staff, guests, partners and volunteers.

  • South Dayton School of Dance has adopted a strict policy against harassment of any
    kind. Statements made in any form: verbal, written or electronic, and/or behavior that are of racial, ethnic, sexual, violent, threatening, harassing, bullying or demeaning in nature will not be tolerated.

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