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Nutcracker Auditions 2023 for SDSD Students!

South Dayton Dance Theatre (a not for profit organization) is pleased to offer a professional performing opportunity, in their production of The Nutcracker, to all South Dayton School of Dance students who are age 6 or older as of 9/9/23, and free to commit to the entire mandatory rehearsal schedule. We plan to have an in-person performance with a live audience at the beautiful Dayton Masonic Temple! We are so excited to be able to present our Nutcracker and we will be creating new, backdrops, props, choreography, costumes, and roles to make this year as exciting as ever!

During your child's Nutcracker Audition time slot there will be a Mandatory Parent Meeting . This meeting will take place in Studio 3. During this meeting, we will discuss the commitment required to participate, and also answer any questions you may have.

Please be informed that ALL Nutcracker Rehearsals are Mandatory! If your child is currently involved in other activities, we ask that you consult your schedules (prior to audition day) to be certain that you will be able to fulfill an additional commitment. Dancers are permitted 1 excused absence from a Nutcracker rehearsal provided that the date is given on the audition form prior to auditioning (cannot be during an in-studio dress rehearsal, dress rehearsal or performance). Any other absence from a scheduled Nutcracker rehearsal will result in your child no longer being able to participate.

A $60.00, per student, audition fee is to be paid via the form below prior to the audition. Please complete the 2023 SDDT Nutcracker Audition form which can be accessed by clicking on the button below. Below you will also find the rough draft of our rehearsal schedule for your reference. Audition Form & $60 Audition Fee must be paid via the form to be considered for a role in the 2023 Nutcracker Ballet (online form to be submitted no later than Friday 9/8 at 11:59pm). At this time SDDT can only take payment via the online form. No cash or check. This fee can NOT be paid through the SDSD Parent Portal.

If you have any additional questions about Nutcracker Auditions please do not hesitate to email us at or call at (937)-435-5052.

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